Food at the Deutsches Haus

The Haus kitchen serves food on all 6 days open days of the week. Menu:

  • Brats on bun, with or without sauerkraut
  • Flammkuchen (German-style pizza with a white cream sauce)
  • New! Charcuterie tray (includes Landjaeger sausage, Leberkäse, Beef summer sausage, yachtwurst, Muenster cheese, pumpernickel bread , pickled onions, apple slices and 2 mustards)
  • Pretzels

Food service will be available each day from opening until 1 hour before close.

No plate specials at this time. Some events, such as Trivia night, will have additional food service. Check the event page.

2023 Board Elections

Back Row: David Moore, Neil Barnett, Sam Charters, Michael Heier, Kelli Bingham, Ralph Mipro. Front Row: Hans Heinemann, James Danner, Keith Oldendorf, Wendy Savelle, Harry Widmann.

The 2023 Board for Deutsches Haus has been elected. Elections were held Tuesday, January 31. James Danner, David Moore, and Wendy Savelle were re-elected. Sam Charters was elected for the first time. The four of them will serve 3 year terms starting with 2023.

The new board and officers are:

President – Keith Oldendorf***
Vice-President – James Danner*
Treasurer – Harry Widmann**
Secretary – Wendy Savelle*

  • Neil Barnett**
  • Kelli Bingham**
  • Sam Charters *
  • Michael Heier**
  • Hans Heinemann***
  • Ralph Mipro***
  • David Moore*
  • Keith Oldendorf***

* Elected to 3-year term starting 2023.
** Elected to 3-year term starting 2021. Not up for election in 2023.
*** Elected to 3-year term starting 2022. Not up for election in 2023.

New Bike Rack and ADA Ramp

The Haus has a new bicycle rack at the rear of the Haus as well as a new ADA ramp at the circular drive.  The Haus would like to thank the following who made the project possible: 

  • the AZBY fund
  • the 610 Stompers
  • Harrah’s Casino coordinated by Councilman Joe Giarrusso
  • a private donor

Bicycle riders – please use the new rack and do not secure your bikes to the Haus railings.