Charter and By-Laws

The changes to the Charter and By-Laws were approved by a vote at the General Membership Meeting on September 28, 2019.

9/11/2019: After listening to membership feedback at the first 2 town hall meetings, the Proposed By-Laws were modified. These changes are summarized on the Charter and By-Laws page and have also been incorporated into the By-Laws document available on that page. On the same page, there are links to older versions of the documents for comparison.

The last of 4 townhall meeting about the documents was held at the Haus on September 21. This was the last chance to discuss the proposed changes. (3 other townhalls have been held)

A German View in German

A German journalist named Martina Gross visited New Orleans in late summer last year and later published an article about the visit. She interviewed one of our members, Britta Marks, and also Dr. Dietmar Felber, who has given a lecture at the Haus.

Would you like to practice your German? Read the whole article here.