The Haus is open

It is lovely to be outside under the oak trees and there is also a terrace outside overlooking the Bayou.

Rules to keep the Haus open and everyone healthy
  • Masks are no longer needed inside.
  • We will be accepting credit cards only, no cash.
  • Steins will not be handled by staff.  We will fill disposable cups and you can fill your own stein and then wash it yourself when you are finished.
  • Please bus your own tables to minimize the potential spread of the virus.         

Did you know that the Deutsches Haus is open to the public unless there is a special private event? Stop by and try our beer selection. The Deutsches Haus welcomes everyone to come and enjoy our Gemütlichkeit. 

2022 Board Elections

Back Row: Hans Heinemann, Neil Barnett, Michael Heier, Keith Oldendorf, Kelli Bingham, David Moore, Ralph Mipro. Front Row: Harry Widmann, Wendy Savelle, James Danner, Brian Huber.

The 2022 Board for Deutsches Haus has been elected. Elections were held Tuesday, January 25. Hans Heinemann, Ralph Mipro and Keith Oldendorf were re-elected and will serve 3 year terms starting with 2022.

The new board and officers are:

President – Brian Huber*
Vice-President – James Danner*
Treasurer – Harry Widmann**
Secretary – Wendy Savelle*

  • Neil Barnett**
  • Kelli Bingham**
  • Michael Heier**
  • Hans Heinemann***
  • Ralph Mipro***
  • David Moore*
  • Keith Oldendorf***

* Elected to 3-year term starting 2020. Not up for election in 2021.
** Elected to 3-year term starting 2021. Were not up for election in 2022.
*** Elected to 3-year term starting 2022.

Fifth Installation of Bricks is accepting orders

Orders for the fifth set of commemorative bricks is now open through October 2021.  We want to fill the curve!

Honor the memory of an immigrant ancestor or your own commitment to the building of the new Haus. You could even surprise a family member with a brick in their honor as a holiday gift.

The prior installations of engraved bricks have been installed outside the  Haus  between the back driveway and the back terrace.

More information at Brick Order