Schlaraffia Nova Orleana 293 was founded by members of the Deutsches Haus in 1930 and is the local chapter of this International German speaking fraternity. Worldwide, there are 11,000 members and 258 chapters. Schlaraffia is an idealistic fairytale land with its credo “ART, HUMOR, and FRIENDSHIP“. The group originated in Prague in 1859 from the disenchantment of artist and fine arts patrons with the established German theatrical community.

Members of the modern Schlaraffia follow the same tradition as the fraternity founders, poking fun at nobility, even inducting themselves into knighthood. Beginning as a page, a member moves on to the rank of squire and then with a lavish presentation, becomes a knight. Members are addressed a Ritter (knight) followed by names that are a play on their profession of hobby.

One very important rule in Schlaraffia is that religion and politics are never discussed during the meetings. Artistic, literary and humorous recitations entertain the group. The sense of good fellowship is enhanced by songs written and composed by members. All this is done in the German language.

Schlaraffia sippt in der Pelicanburg jeden Donnerstag Abend von Oktober bis zur ersten Woche im Mai. Pilger sind jederzeit willkommen.

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