Schlaraffia nova Orleana 293 is the local chapter of this International German speaking fraternity. The local “Reych” was founded at the Deutsches Haus in 1930.

Schlaraffia is a close community of men that strive to cultivate the art and senses of humor with the guidance of an established ceremony and whose main credo is the cherishment of friendship. All members of Schlaraffia are united by the solid bonds of congeniality and friendship. No rivalry, no jealousy and no persecution can take root in this soil. Tolerance is one of the foremost qualities expected and practiced by members.

Worldwide, there are 11,000 members and 258 chapters. A 15 member board of directors represents five zones: North America, Latin America, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Schlaraffia is an idealistic fairytale land. The group originated in Prague in 1859 from the disenchantment of artist and fine arts patrons with the established German theatrical community. The 10th of October 1859 is recognized as the founding day of Schlaraffia with its credo “ART, HUMOR, and FRIENDSHIP. Because of the aristocratic times when Schlaraffia was founded, its members are “Pages”, “Squires” and “Knights”.

One very important rule in Schlaraffia is that religion and politics are never discussed during the meetings. Artistic, literary and humorous recitations entertain the group. The sense of good fellowship is enhanced by songs written and composed by members. All this is done in the German language.

Schlaraffia constitutes an approach to life which emphasizes values rather than the course realities of everyday life. Members of the modern Schlaraffia follow the same tradition as the club founders, poking fun at nobility, even inducting themselves into knighthood. Beginning as a page a member moves on to the rank of squire and then with a lavish presentation, becomes a knight. Members are addressed a Ritter (knight) followed by names that are a play on their profession of hobby.

Schlaraffia meets every Thursday from October to the first week in May.

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Members must be able to read, write, and speak German.