Free and open to the public. Reservations are not required. Kino usually takes place the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of every month at 7:30 pm.


A movie about the Berlin wall, shown on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

Tuesday, November 9 , 7:30 pm

The Balloon

Für die freih eit Riskierten sie alles! Come celebrate the fall of the Berliner Mauer with Michael “Bully” Herbig’s film based on a wahnsinn idee from 2 East German families. It’s 1979, Thürigen, Germany, and both the family Strelzyks and family Wetzel are secretly buying cloth material from many different places, to hopefully sew themselves a homemade air balloon to attempt floating their way over the 836 miles of barbed wire, automated machine guns, armed guards and land mines. As always the Stassi (East German Police) are everywhere, always alert and always observant! Film stars: Freidrich Muecke, Karolin E Schuch and Alicia Von Rittberg. FSK 12

Heimweh nach St. Pauli

Tuesday, November 23, 7:30 pm

Homesick for St. Pauli (1963)

The story of Freddy Quinn. Stars Jayne Mansfield.

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