Free and open to the public. Reservations are not required. Kino usually takes place the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of every month at 7:30 pm.

Eine Nacht im Mai

Tuesday, May 10, 7:30 pm.

This screwball comedy stars the amazing dancing, singing comedienne Marika Roekk (Die Frau Meine Traeume)! The story ells how her car gets wrecked by another driver as she speeds with a revoked license, which cuases her to leave the scene of her accident, and eventually fall in love with the man who caused her accident! Plot allows Roekk to dance, sing and joke her way into our hearts. FSK 06

Anonyma: Eine Frau in Berlin

Tuesday, May 24, 730pm

Based on the anonymous diary written by a multilingual female journalist who had experienced the fall of Berlin in Spring 1945, this film shows the Russian occupation of Berlin. Nina Hoss (Barbara, Das Maechen Rosemarie, Wir Sind Die Nacht, Yella, Gold) portrays Anonyma, who tells herself that she will somehow survive by procuring a high ranking Russian official to help keep her safe in and in exchange she will give consensual sex. FSK: 12.

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