German Classes


Parents – are you interested in German Language classes for children?  If so, please attend one of 2 meetings coming up in late October: Wednesday, October 23 at 7pm and Saturday, October 26 at 3pm.  The German Language Committee is trying to  assess what families would want and if there is enough interest in a children’s Samstagschule (Saturday School).   The children’s classes would most likely be on Saturday mornings and would not start until 2020.  If you’re interested in these classes happening, please come to one of the meetings.

German Conversation NiGHT

Third Tuesday of the Month (Next up – October 15).  7pm-8pm in the Beer Stube (Small bar).  A chance to practice German.  Event led by a teacher.  Free.  No registration required.

First QUARTER 2020 (Winter)

Classes will start the second week in January and run for 10 weeks (Except for the Tuesday A.1.1 class which will miss one class meeting on Mardi Gras Day). Registration will start soon. Check back.

Beginner sequence, Course 1, A.1.1, 1st of 4 Courses

  • A1.1 – Tuesday, 6pm-730, Jan 14-Mar 17  ( 1 class missed for Mardi Gras.
  • A1.1 – Saturday, 1pm-230, Jan 18-Mar 22 

Beginner sequence, Course 2, A.1.2, 2nd of 4 Courses

  • A1.2 – Monday, 6pm-730, Jan 13-Mar 16 

Beginner sequence, Course 3, A.1.3, 3rd of 4 Courses

  • A1.3 – Saturday, 11am-1230, Jan 18-Mar 22 

Beginner sequence, Course 4, A.1.4, 4th of 4 Courses

  • A1.4 – Saturday, 9am-1030, Jan 18-Mar 22 

Elementary Level, A.2

  • A2 – Wednesday, 6pm-730, Jan 15-Mar 18

Intermediate and Above, B1+

  • B1+ – Thursday, 6pm-730, Jan 16-Mar 20

Registration will start soon. Check back.

Group classes will take place at the Haus on Moss Street.

Private lessons may also be available.

For more information please email:
   German Class Coordinator