German Class Payment

Register by paying for your class. The standard price is $182 (non-members) and $165 (discounted for members) for a 10 week class. The prices for Saturday and Monday classes this spring are less. They are prorated because this spring they will only be able to meet 9 times dues to holiday/event complications.

Paypal is used to process our payments.  However, you do not need a Paypal account. You can use any credit card. The Paypal screen will have a “Use Credit or Debit Card” option available. 

Please note that a convenience fee of approximately $4 for online payment processing has been added to the prices. 

If you are paying for another person (such as a parent paying for a child), please specify the name of the student. If you want to pay for more than one person, just use the payment button a second time. Choose the appropriate price on the button depending on whether you are a member of Deutsches Haus or not.

Spring 2020 Classes for Adults

Choose your class below. Be sure to choose your price the dropdown list on the buttons. Members get a discount.

A1.1 Saturday

Spring 2020 Sat 9 am
Student Name

A1.1 Tuesday

Spring 2020 Tues 6pm
Student Name


Spring 2020 Sat 1pm
Student Name


Spring 2020 Mon 6pm
Student Name


Spring 2020 Sat 11 am
Student Name


Spring 2020 Wed 6pm
Student Name


Spring 2020 Thurs 6pm
Student Name

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