Volksfest (March 22 and 23)

Anyone working with food should wear a comfortable hat.

The Registration Form has been closed.

Do you need to cancel or have a question? Email the Volunteer Coordinator here

Form notes:

If you have been recruited to work for a booth/event that doesn’t appear on the form drop down list for places to work, choose “Other” from the dropdown and put the place/event in the “Other ” comment field on the form. Special events for this year include the Dog Races and the Wine/Schnapps tastings.

A current Responsible Vendor permit, on file with our volunteer coordinator, is necessary to work in any booth serving alcohol. See below for more details.

Responsible Vendor licenses for any events

Working in Beer or other alcohol serving booths requires training and licensing.

Responsible Vendor license is necessary to work in any booth serving alcohol. Prior volunteers should check their license expiration date! We will need proof of your RV license before you can be scheduled. Old temporary licenses aren’t enough.

The Volunteer Coordinator will need a copy of your license to keep on file. Instructions to print a copy of the ATC license, HERE

Send an electronic copy of your ATC RV license to the Volunteer Coordinator. Also, keep your permit (on your phone or on a piece of paper) with you any day you come to volunteer at the Fest.

Want to get a permit? A class is being offered at the Haus on September 30 (pay and register in advance). More ways to get one online: Instructions on Getting a Permit – click here.

Having an RV license does not automatically mean that you get to pour beer all the time. You may be asked to serve in other booths such as wine or food booths as well.

Responsible Vendor License

To receive a license to serve alcohol, you may take an online class approved by the Louisiana ATC.

Questions? Email the Volunteer Coordinator here.

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How to Print your Responsible Vendor (RV) License

It takes some business days after a class is completed for the license to be up on the ATC website. Licenses from classes taken in past years are already available. (You may need to create an account on the Louisiana ATC website)

Go to http://www.atc.rev.state.la.us


Look at date of your card issued

If card issued BEFORE May 12, 2021– Select that tab to print card and type:

  • Last Name
  • Last 4 digits of SSN
  • RV Search
  • Confirm Name
  • RV License is shown to print

OR If RV Card was issued AFTER May 12, 2021– Select that tab to print card and type:

  • Last Name
  • Last 4 digits of SSN
  • Date Of Birth

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