Membership Application

Dues for 2019:
  • Associate $100.00
  • 70+ years of age $50.00
  • Student $50.00  (Under 27)
  • Junior $25.00 (Under 18)
  • Life Membership $1000.00 (A great pledge to the Haus with life time benefits!) Life Members receive a half liter Deutsches Haus printed Glass Mug.

Would you like to apply to become a new member?  Download and print the:

New Member Application

Existing members must renew for 2019  before December 31, 2018 in order to vote in the January 2019 Board of Director and officer elections.   Anyone renewing after December 31, 2018 will have to pay an extra $10 fee as required by the Deutsches Haus By-Laws. Download and print the:

Membership Renewal Application

After you have been a member for 1 calendar year, you can also apply to be a Stockholder.  You must be a Stockholder in order to vote in the Board of Director and officer elections. Download and print the:

 Stockholder Application

You can also further support Deutsches Haus by becoming  a Life Member.  Download and print the:

Life Membership Application

If you can not reach an application document, please update/install Adobe reader for free here.