Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for 2019 was elected on January 22, 2019

Current 2019 Board of Directors

Executive Board Members
Jack Gonzales – President
Brian Huber – 1st Vice President
Frank Beier – 2nd Vice President
Denise Barnett – Treasurer
Wendy Savelle – Secretary

General Board Members
Neil Barnett
Michelle Brown
Jim Danner
Mike Larkin
Rob Martin
Sean McNamara
Ralph Mipro
Keith Oldendorf
Ryan Poirrier
David Wellmeyer

Election for 2020

Nominations for the 2020 Board were accepted during November 2019. Due to by-law changes 11 board members will be elected this year. The candidates are:

  • Denise Barnett
  • Neil Barnett
  • Frank Beier
  • Michele Brown
  • Jim Danner
  • Charles Hadley
  • Michael Heier
  • Hans Heinemann
  • Brian Huber
  • Robert Martin
  • Ralph Mipro
  • David Moore
  • Wendy Savelle
  • Harry Widmann

To vote, a stockholding member must pay their 2020 dues by December 31. A Meet-the-candidates Townhall will be held the evening of January 21. The election starts at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, January 28.

For 2020, the 4 Directors receiving the highest plurality of votes shall serve for terms of 3 years each, and the remaining seven 7 Directors shall serve for terms of one 1 year each

Biographies and/or statements from candidates are available here. Members were emailed a password to access the page.

The election process, which is different from prior years, is detailed here.

The nomination process is detailed here.