German Classes for Children

The German classes for younger children are one hour long programs filled with fun and playful activities. Children from age 3-8 will learn basic German vocabulary and conversation skills.

Exposure to German culture through songs, games and stories is an important part of the class as well.

Our maximum class size is 10, so please register early. Children must be potty trained.

Our Children’s class for students age 8-14 provides a structured approach to learning German, using a Klett A1 text suited for this age group, covering the same material as the adult A1 sequence. The textbook and workbook are augmented by additional fun and playful activities.

Important: The older children’s class requires textbooks. Details on textbook page here. Textbooks can take a few weeks to arrive, so order as soon as you can.

The age overlap between the classes recognizes that some younger children may be ready for the more structured approach provided by the class for the older children.


  • Spring – Begin January 20, end May 4, 14 classes, skip Saturday before Mardi Gras and Easter weekends
  • Summer – No children’s classes
  • Autumn – Begin August 24, end November 16, , 10 classes, no classes during Oktoberfest


No Children’s classes in the summer semester. Children’s classes will return in the Autumn Semester, beginning in late August. Check the website around the beginning of August for more details and registration information.


TBD for Autumn Semester.

Spring 2024 Child Saturday 9:00am
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For more information or for questions, please email:
   German Class Coordinator