Oktoberfest Volunteers Needed

Fill out our Volunteer Form to let the hardworking festival organizers know that you’re coming to help.  You can work one shift or many.

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Volunteer notes:

Anyone working at a booth serving alcohol beverages must have a Responsible Server permit. The Haus needs a copy of your permit to keep on file. Also, carry the permit with you when you come to work at Oktoberfest.

Please fill out the Volunteer form even if you have verbally told someone that you are coming.  The sooner the better! The Volunteer coordinator is trying to prepare as much ahead of time including verifying shift coverage and printing out badges ahead of time.

Form Hints

If you have already submitted the form and you want to change it to add a shift or something like that, you can submit it again.  Just make sure it is filled out completely because the prior submittal will be ignored.  It is especially easy if you happen to use the same device and link button that you used last time because it should be filled with your last submitted info.

For more information please contact the Deutsches Haus Volunteer Coordinator       volunteer@deutscheshaus.org