President’s Update

Dear Deutsches Haus Members and Friends,

On the initial closing of the Haus, the Deutsches Haus staff had been working on a deep clean of the whole facility. After the stay at home mandate from state and local authorities, the Deutsches Haus Executive Board complied and sent all our employees’ home.

We’ve had a lot of discussion about the impact of COVID-19 on our members, staff and Deutsches Haus’ finances. I hope and pray that you are all healthy and taking appropriate precautions.

In normal operations, both the staff and the Haus depend on your patronage and generosity to make ends meet. Presently, the biggest concern is for our staff. Like others in the hospitality industry, they need our help. Our Haus finances will also be an issue since we are coming off two slow months in the beginning of the year and only half a month in March. We’ve also had to return a considerable number of rental deposits. Our monthly expenses with the doors closed are approximately $30,000 per month.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. The staff and the Haus would both benefit from your generosity. Please use this link to donate. You will be able to designate if you want the donation to go to the employees or the Deutsches Haus. If you don’t designate, we will direct the donation to wherever the need is the greatest.

I have heard several concerns about Jazz Fest and Oktoberfest. Regardless of their schedule or other events that move to October, we will figure it out.

We will continue to follow the direction of local, state and federal authorities and update you as things change. If you have any concerns or questions, you may contact me at

Brian Huber, President
p.s. Stay home. Wash your hands. We want to see you when this is over.