Richtfest – Blessing and Luck for the New Haus

On a beautiful, breezy afternoon on March 9th, a traditional German builder’s ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of framing of the roof of the new Haus on Moss Street and to ask for blessings.

Pastor Easterling of the German Church Service, blessed the new Haus.  Then, the president, prior president and the head builder of the project for Trimark Constructors, ascended to the roof-line on a crane.  The roof-line had decorated with a colorful wreath, representative of luck.  The builder  presented with the president with a loaf of bread, salt as a house-warming gift.  The president gave the builder a small bottle of schnapps in gratitude for his work.  The presidents drove the last nail into the beam.  The crowd of members and guests participated with toasts and cheers.  Richtfest translates into “build celebration.”   British builders call it a topping out.

Link to Fox 8 news clip about Richtfest