Would you like to buy a tree?

As part of the city requirements for our final occupancy permit, Deutsches Haus is required to landscape along the fenceline.  We will be purchasing and planting about 25 trees and more bushes.  The estimated cost is at least $12,000,  even hoping to use volunteer labor for planting.  Please buy a tree.  If you donate $500, you can have naming rights for one of our new young trees that will grow with Deutsches Haus.  We will put a plaque by it honoring the person of your choice.   You can even participate in planting your own tree! Many thanks to the Ladies’ Auxiliary for their donation of $1000!

Any donations towards our landscaping project will be appreciated. Or volunteer help with the planting.  The project will be finished by January 9, 2019, so please act quickly to help us.  

Donate using the link below.  You can put a short line about your donation if you choose.  If you buy a tree, we will be in touch with you about details.