Membership Benefits

The Spirit of “Gemtülichket”

As a member of Deutsches Haus, you and a guest will have free admission to all Haus sponsored events, such as Oktoberfest, Volksfest, Fasching (Carnival cele-bration), Tirolnacht (an evening for Austrian and other exchange students), and other events as scheduled. You can rent Deutsches Haus at a discounted rate.

You also will have discounted admission to sponsored events such as concerts, dinners, and other similar events.

After you have been an Associate member for one year, you can apply for Active/Stockholder membership and thus become an “owner” of Deutsches Haus. You will have voting privileges and thus have a voice in the leadership of Deutsches Haus. After a year as an Active member you can run for the Board of Directors and provide guidance and leadership to your Haus.

Your support of Deutsches Haus helps to celebrate and foster the rich culture, mus-ical heritage, language, and history of the German people.

Deutsches Haus is a great place to stop in with friends/family for the coldest German beer in town.

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