Haus Not Open Yet

The Haus will be opening soon, but it will NOT be open this weekend (May 16-17). Stay tuned for more details as we get ready. Below is a letter from the Haus President.

Dear Deutsches Haus Members and Friends,

We are excited about the end of the mandatory “Stay at Home”.  Two months have passed since we were open, and it will be great to see our members again.  Here at the Haus, we are busy getting ready to reopen, but it will take a couple weeks.  We are targeting to reopen on June 1st.  

Why will it take a couple weeks?  We need to do things right and come back safe.   In mid-March we were in the middle of a deep clean when the mandatory “Stay at Home” order was put in place.  We will finish the deep clean, make a few changes, and update our systems and procedures to be consistent with new requirements from the Louisiana Department of Health, CDC, State Fire Marshall and the city of New Orleans. 

I am happy to announce that the $5000 challenge put forward by the Ladies Auxiliary was met.  I want to thank all the members as well as Schlarafia, Crescent City Homebrewers, and New Orleans Fire Chief Association for making generous donations.

When we reopen, we will have some new rules that we must follow to keep everyone safe and to comply with the phase 1 reopening requirements.  There will be future communications regarding these rules and the reopening schedule.  Until then, I appreciate your patience. 

While we won’t be open this weekend, we do have something special for you.  Das Ist Lustig, a favorite Deutsches Haus Oktoberfest band, will be promoting a “Virtual Volksfest” for us on Saturday, May 16th at 7:30 pm.  They will be live on Facebook on their Valinapolka page.  Tips are appreciated, but not required.  Valina said it’s time to “Laissez les Gemütlichkeit rouler!”.

Stay safe, stay masked, stay 6 ft away and wash your hands.


Brian Huber
Deutsches Haus