German Christmas Traditions

Did you know that you can thank Germany (not Hallmark) for bringing some traditions to Christmas as we know it?

Christmas Tree – The Germans started the tradition of decorating the Tannenbaum originally with fruits and trinkets, and then wax candles. We have come a long way creatively since when it comes to holiday tree decorating!

Gingerbread Houses – based on a holiday tradition in German Opera houses to build miniature replicas of the gingerbread story from Hansel and Gretel that spread to bakeries.

Nutcrackers – the Nutcracker was the hero of an early 19th-century story by Berlin’s E.T.A. Hoffman, which was later adapted for the famous Russian ballet. Carving of the actual nutcracker figures began in rural Germany and was known for its incredible detail and artistry.

Advent Calendar – at the beginning of the 19th century, the Advent calendar started as a written way to count down the days until Christmas. Gerhard Lang eventually started printing Advent calendars and later added little doors to reveal the date or the scripture.

Deutsches Haus will be celebrating the holidays with events that will bring German traditions to the banks of Bayou St. John.

Board of Director Nominations

It is time to get ready for the elections of the Deutsches Haus Board of Directors for next year. Are you interested in running for the Board of Directors?

  • The nomination period runs during the month of November.
  • The list of candidates will be announced at the Membership meeting on December 5.
  • There will be a town hall to “Meet the Candidates” a week before the election in January.

Requirements, instructions for nominations, and the form to be submited are located HERE.

Big Fan Installed

We owe a large thank you to the Red Dress Run Foundation! The foundation granted $5000 to Deutsches Haus for the purchase of a big outside fan for the overhang of the Warehouse. Neil Barnett did the research as well as the pricing and specification to purchase the proper fan to be installed within the grant’s restrictions. Dean Arnett and Brian Huber completed the grant application for the Haus. The volunteers that stepped up to do the installation free of charge were Barney Ryan, Ed Ryan, and Neil Barnett.

Appreciation is due to the Red Dress Run Foundation and all those who made this happen.