Give NOLA Day -Tuesday May 4!

Give NOLA Day is Tuesday, May 4! It is a 24-hour long, city-wide campaign to raise money for charities in our community.  Please support Deutsches Haus on May 4.  Every donation – of ANY amount – can help the Haus to earn bonus awards.  You can schedule your donations now! Our link for this program is

When you donate, starting now and on this special day  via the GiveNola website, we will be eligible to receive matching funds and prizes from the  Greater New Orleans Foundation. We would greatly appreciate if you could take a minute to mention this to a few of your friends. If you have any further questions, please contact us at or 504-522-8014.

2021 Board Elections

Back Row: Michael Heier, Neil Barnett, Brian Huber. Middle: Keith Oldendorf, James Danner, Harry Widmann, Ralph Mipro. Front Row: Wendy Savelle, Kelli Bingham, Hans Heinemann, David Moore.

The 2021 Board for Deutsches Haus has been elected. Elections were held Sunday, March 14. The new board and officers are:

President – Brian Huber*
Vice-President – James Danner*
Treasurer – Harry Widmann**
Secretary – Wendy Savelle*

  • Neil Barnett**
  • Kelli Bingham**
  • Michael Heier**
  • Hans Heinemann
  • Ralph Mipro
  • David Moore*
  • Keith Oldendorf

* Elected to 3-year term starting 2020. Not up for election in 2021.
** Elected to 3-year term starting 2021.
All others elected to 1-year term.