Ladies Auxiliary and Birney School

The Ladies Auxiliary made a donation to the Alice Birney School for them to buy 20 headphones for use with their computers in the classroom. It means that the class can all be on the computers at the same time doing their lessons.

The Deutsches Haus Ladies Auxiliary would like to recognize the work that teachers do often spending their own money to provide their classrooms with supplies and needed materials. Jefferson Parish was supportive of the Haus and its activities and festivals over the past 8 or so years. This is the Ladies Auxiliary’s way of saying thank you by giving some support to a Jefferson Parish School. They support early education as a way of developing good students, concerned citizens and happy adults.

Give Nola Day was Amazing – Thank you!

Give NOLA Day was May 1.  It is a 24-hour long, city-wide campaign by the Greater New Orleans Foundation to raise money for charities in our community.  It was an amazing success.  The total donations for Deutsches Haus were $34,555! This put us in the top 25 out of 700 charities. And the grand total for all the charities put together exceeded the campaign goal of $5 million!  Our community was very generous.

Thank you to everyone who donated to Deutsches Haus.  Your donation will go to our Build the Haus fund. Your support will assist our return to New Orleans, and help allow us to continue our cultural programs, and our support of other community organizations.

Funeral for Al Bourg

It is a sad time for Deutsches Haus.   The funeral of long-time member and active volunteer, Albert Bourg was on Friday, April 7.  Details are in his obituary in the Advocate and are linked here.

There have sadly been 2 other recent deaths among our members: Jack Kingsley Smith (February) and Hans Ludwig Fink (March)