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Last Year Raised $4 M
571 Non-profits • 79 Arts & Culture

This Year’s Goal is $4.5 M
600 Non-profits • 108 Arts & Culture






We need help to build our team of Volunteers for this event. On Tuesday, May 3rd
Deutsches Haus is participating in the third annual Give NOLA Day. This is one day where
the community comes together as one to support the great non-profit work in our
community (13 parish region). It is not only an opportunity for us to receive donations, but
it is also an opportunity to raise awareness of our mission and particularly of our Build the
Haus campaign.

In order for us to receive donations, we need to spread the word. According to the host,
Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF), “The larger your team, the larger your donations.”

On March 29th at 7pm at the Deutsches Haus, Executive Director, Theresa Crosby, will give a
presentation outlining details and needs for this day. We invite you to come learn more.
Afterwards, there will be a sign-up sheet for anyone interested in volunteering.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn: 

  • Not all Volunteers Need to be Present On-Site to Help; You can Help via Telephone, email and Social Media
  • We need a Variety of Volunteers: Promoters, Champions, Captains, Fundraisers and Donors
  • Don’t have to be a Large Donor – $10 is Minimum Donation
  • Help Us Win Contests
    • Rock Around the Clock – Prize is $1,000 each hour
    • Throw Me Something Mister – Prize is $3,000 and there are three time periods
  • GNOF has a Lagniappe Fund with a Goal of $280,000. We Receive a % based on Amount we Raise
  • GNOF Promotion Includes:
    • will be “Taken Over” this day
    • Lamar Advertising Billboards
    • Ads in Major Publications
    • Tour Bus of “High-Profile” Donors (who may come to the Deutsches Haus)
  • The Haus is Hosting an Event this Day, where Several Non-profits (Arts & Culture focus) will Gather at the Haus (tradeshow-style);
    As a group:

    • We are likely to attract more media
    • We are likely to attract the Tour Bus
    • We are likely to attract new donors
    • We can learn from each other
    • We are likely to stay “involved” throughout the day
    • We are likely to generate excitement

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