Feb 5, 2013   //   Press Release

Deutsches Haus President Keith Oldendorf and Oktoberfest Chairman Thomas Mertz recently presented Kenner Mayor Michael Yenni with a $20,000 donation to be used by the City’s Parks and Recreation Department for various projects.

Deutsches Haus is a local German Cultural and Heritage Organization, which in 2011 moved its annual Oktoberfest from New Orleans to Kenner’s Rivertown. Crowds at the 2012 festival were estimated at 15,000, and Deutsches Haus leaders have already announced plans to return to Kenner for the 2013 event, which will take place during the last three weeks of October.

“The city of Kenner has been very welcoming and helpful to us in this time of transition,” said Oldendorf. “We are very much looking forward to our new permanent location, as well as many more Oktoberfests to come, and the City of Kenner has been instrumental in helping us get there. This is a small thank you.”

Prior to being moved to Kenner, Oktoberfest was held for 82 years at Deutsches Haus’ former headquarters on South Galvez Street in New Orleans. When that location was demolished to provide space for the new University Medical Center, Deutsches Haus moved to its temporary location at 1023 Ridgewood Dr., in Metairie, and partnered with the City of Kenner to bring Oktoberfest to Rivertown.

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