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Board of Directors Meeting

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Election 2015 Nomination Request (1)

Dear Fellow Deutsches Haus Member:

The Annual Meeting for the election of a Board of Directors and Officers of Deutsches Haus for the year 2015 will be held at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, 27 January 2015.

All members are encouraged to attend this meeting to support the process of electing those members that will guide Deutsches Haus in 2015.

All Active/Stockholder members whose dues are current (that is, dues were paid no later than 31 December 2014) are invited to participate in the election process:

 Attend the meeting and cast your vote.
 Run for office – if you would like to be nominated for the Board of Directors, please send your name and a short bio to me at

No email = no problem. Mail your request to me care of Deutsches Haus. I look forward to seeing you on election night.

Alden G. Hagardorn
Alden G. Hagardon
Nomination/Election Chairman

Deutsches Haus is a Public Charity as defined in the Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c) (3).
All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Consult your tax advisor.

DH Brick Engraving

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January Newsletter is here!

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1-2015 Newsletter (1)-1

1-2015 Newsletter (1)-2

1-2015 Newsletter (1)-3

Can Deutsches Haus design be too Germanic?

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By Richard Rainey, | The Times-Picayune 

In a moment that would have given Yossarian extra pause, the City Planning Commission staff last month had reservations about the design of the new German cultural center proposed for a 4.7-acre site along Bayou St. John.

There was worry that the roof line and other outside aspects of the new Deutches House didn’t fit well as the only Teutonic-influenced building in the neighborhood.

The commission eventually signed off on the plans, although they asked to see other design options. The New Orleans City Council waived that request Thursday (Aug. 21), and gave the Deutsches Haus the go-ahead to return to New Orleans.

Todd James, an architect with the New Orleans firm Mathes Brierre, told officials that designers pulled from several German building traditions, from the Black Forest to Bavaria, to arrive at the final plans.

“We had the preeminent architectural firm in New Orleans design us a Germanic building,” Deutshes Haus member George Mahl told the commission in July. “And this is a Germanic building, so we’d like to keep what we have there.”

Do any of those flourishes stick out to you? What do you think of the design? Is it too Germanic? Not Germanic enough? Personally, I was hoping for at least a little homage to the Glockenspiel in Marienplatz.


Membership Meeting

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Membership Meeting

September 6th at 7pm.

Food will be available.

Sept. 12th Wine Tasting

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2014 Wine Tasting Series

Friday, Sept 12

Wines of the Pacific North West (Tickets)

Saints Games

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Who Dat!? We dat! Join us at the Haus for Saints games!

St. Mary’s Assumption Church Bell Tower Restoration Campaign

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 St. Alphonsus Parish-St. Mary`s Assumption Church
2030 Constance St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: (504) 522-6748 Fax: (504) 523-3734
A Parish of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans


Donor Levels

Tower Cross                                      $150,000 includes naming rights

Tower Bell                                         $100,000 (2 bells available) includes naming rights

Four Sided Clocks:                           $50,000 (4 clocks available) includes naming rights

Mother of Perpetual Help Level        $25,000–$49,999

Archangel Level                                $10,000–$24,999 

Angel Level                                       $5,000–$9,999

St. Alphonsus Level                         $1,000–$4,999

Friend of Parish                                $500–$999

Parish Fan                                        $50–$499 

Other                                                  _______


The church tower of St. Mary’s Assumption church is in desperate need of tuck pointing, masonry work, repaired louvers and screening as well as repairing the damage done by termites, weather and old age. The cross that proudly sat atop it for 150 years was shattered several years ago by lightening and is now gone. The restoration of our church tower will address not only the issues already mentioned but restoring the tower’s four sided clock and re-mounting its two bells aptly named Pius and Gabriel. The estimated cost for all work is approximately $970,000. We currently have almost $460,000 and have a good basis for receiving help with tax credits once the bell tower project is complete.

The church tower is more than part of our church. It tower serves as an anchor for the neighborhood, a symbol of hope in an area (the River Garden area of the Irish Channel) which has experienced the challenges of poverty and the continual cycles of life, death and new life. Since 2008, when we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the building of St. Mary’s Assumption Church, we have been especially mindful of our ancestors, including Blessed Francis Seelos whose shrine is in the church, who have filled St. Mary’s with their spirit and faith. They have given us this gift. We will honor their memory and their spirit by handing this gift on to future generations. As our immigrant ancestors built St. Mary’s Assumption Church for us, may we preserve it for future generations.

We call upon all people of good will and especially those who have over the years looked to our church and its schools as a sign of hospitality, faith, education, or comfort to humbly answer our need for help.

We greatly appreciate all gifts, regardless of the amount. You can make a donation by credit card (Just press “Donate Now”) or you can send a check to St. Alphonsus Parish/St. Mary’s Assumption Church “Save the Tower Restoration Fund” 2030 Constance Street New Orleans, LA 70130.

For those who wish to take this opportunity to memorialize their gift the chart that is above will give you some guidance. If you wish to do so please indicate how your want your gift to be listed. Gifts can be paid over one year.

Thanks so very much for your help!

37th Almost Annual Bottle & Glass Show and Sale

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Saturday, October 5, 2013
9:00am – 4:00pm
at the Deutsches Haus
(click do download the flyer)