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Kulturabende: November 4th and 6th

Nov 1, 2012   //   by Brian Jones   //   Events, Featured, News  //  No Comments

Friday Nov. 2: Ballroom dance lessons return to the Haus

Nov 1, 2012   //   by Brian Jones   //   Events, Featured, News  //  No Comments

FRIDAY, Nov 2 9pm
Ballroom dance lessons return to the Haus. German follk dances will be included in this session.

$10 per person

Annual Oktoberfest celebration carries on at Deutsches Haus

Oct 15, 2012   //   by Brian Jones   //   Featured, News, Oktoberfest 2012  //  No Comments

Long the New Orleans area standard-bearer for Oktoberfest merriment, Deutsches Haus, the month-long festival that dishes out authentic German food, drink and music, is drawing large crowds to Kenner in October.

Deutsches Haus is all about authenticity, with German beers, cabbage rolls, bratwurst and goulash, as well as desserts in the German kaffeeklatsch tradition, such as strudels, apple cakes or variations on Black Forest cakes. And, that goes for the music as well. Acts, such as the Bayou Bavarians, Dixie Hofkapelle and the Brats, were scheduled to perform.

This is the festival’s second year in Kenner. Their home of 82 years on South Galvez Street was demolished in 2011 to make room for the forthcoming University Medical Center. Now the Deutsches Haus will use revenue from this year’s Oktoberfest to help build a new facility on a tract of land on Moss Street in Bayou St. John.


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Annual Oktoberfest celebration carries on at Deutsches Haus

Download the app for your iPhone from the App Store today! ‘Glass Mendacity’ views Tennessee Williams through a funhouse mirror

Jul 27, 2011   //   by Brian Jones   //   Blog, News  //  No Comments

By Theodore P. Mahne, Times-Picayune

The languid, poetic language of Tennessee Williams resonates with us because it drips with beauty, sweating like a silver mint julep cup about to leave a ring on the chifforobe, where it was left by a careless gentleman caller.

That language also lends itself to excesses of parody.

An entertaining troupe of players has decided to tackle Williams’ oeuvre this summer. As it is just too hot for serious drama – even for felines perched on prefabricated metal roofs – they’ve gone for the humor, blending together the characters from several of Williams’ best known plays. The result, “The Glass Mendacity,” now playing at the relocated Deutsches Haus in Metairie, is a delightful ride on a streetcar full of laughs.

Read the full story at Deutsches Haus in Mid-City falls to wrecking ball

May 18, 2011   //   by Brian Jones   //   Blog, News  //  No Comments

The fate of Deutsches Haus in Mid-City, an old telephone company building at 200 S. Galvez St., was sealed once it became clear that it sits within the area where the University Medical Center hospital complex will be built.

Deutsches Haus, founded as a German cultural center in 1928, has been the site of annual Oktoberfest celebrations and hilarity, as well as other festivals and holidays, echoing with polka music and the ubiquitous chicken dance enjoyed by young and old alike.

The Oktoberfest celebration in October 2010 marked the last party ever at the S. Galvez Street site.

The center’s directors moved their activities in mid-November to 1023 Ridgewood St. in Metairie, where they expect to stay for two years while they find another permanent home in New Orleans.

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